Can You Replace Flossing with a Waterpik ?

A Waterpik is an oral irrigator. Its goal is to remove the food particles in between your teeth. It also eliminates plaque in areas of your mouth that are difficult to reach. It is similar to flossing in some way. The high pressure could achieve a high degree of quality that could boost your oral hygiene level to maintain health and strong teeth and gums. But the question of many patients now is, “Can you replace flossing with a Waterpik?”

Can a Water Flosser, like Waterpik, Replace String Floss?

Waterpik or other water flossers cannot replace manual string flossing. Why? Water flossers utilize a high water pressure between your teeth. It could remove food particles stuck between your teeth. It also rinses teeth. However, the string floss offers a superior result when it comes to eliminating plaque.

The scraping ability of the string floss eliminates plaque. Keep in mind that if you leave plaque on your teeth, it could transform into tartar and lead to a periodontal condition.

Because there is no scraping in a Waterpik, plaque cannot be eliminated. Although it is rinsed, scraping the plaque is better.

Then again, a Waterpik is a great option for many individuals. For example, if you are wearing braces, then Waterpik could make it easier for you to eliminate food particles between your teeth. Braces could make it extremely challenging to floss. For that reason, several individuals wearing braces are opting for Waterpik. You could ask Nicholas S St George DDS on how to use Waterpik properly.

Apart from individuals who are wearing braces, a Waterpik is also ideal for patients with sensitive teeth and gum tissues. Roughly fifty percent of the population has delicate teeth and sensitive gum tissues. It could result in serious inflammation and bleeding when you floss. In this instance, water flossing could give the remedy. Those who utilized water flossing, in addition to toothbrushing, experienced a great decrease in bleeding, compared to brushing alone.

Those without particular dental conditions could benefit from regular flossing, water flossing has proven to be more effective for those experiencing issues, like diabetes and gum problems.

It is easy to start enjoying the numerous advantages of water flossing. It could be complicated at the start. Thus, if you have questions, do not hesitate to ask Nicholas S St George DDS.

So, should you replace regular flossing with a Waterpik?

Waterpik must not be utilized as an alternative to flossing. It is true that it could assist in boosting dental health. It is not enough to maintain a mouth that without gingivitis.

However, Waterpik will boost your dental health, as long as you use it along with proper brushing, flossing, and rinsing. Thus, make sure that you brushing at least two times a day. Then, follow it up with flossing, especially before you go to bed. Use waterpik to get to areas that your regular floss cannot get.

Because plaque and tartar are virtually impossible to stay clear of entirely, you must visit your dentist regularly to undergo professional dental cleaning. Contact Nicholas S St George DDS to schedule an appointment.

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