My Gums Bleed Very Easily

It’s a cause for concern if your gums bleed very easily because it could be an indication that you have a serious dental or medical issue. Some medical and dental conditions could cause it. The treatment may vary on the cause.

Possible Causes

Not Using the Right Toothbrush

If you’re using a firm brush or incorrect brushing technique, you’d surely experience bleeding gums. That said, make sure to use a soft-bristled brush. Harder bristles cause damage to your gum tissue. When you brush, use a circular motion to remove all plaques and food debris. The up-and-down action isn’t recommended because it causes gums to recede eventually.

Gum disease

When you’re not brushing but your gums bleed very easily, you may be suffering from a gum disease. If you don’t visit your dentist regularly for a dental professional checkup, plaque can build up. When it does, the gum tissue becomes swollen and inflamed. You may also experience some soreness.

It can progress to periodontitis if gum disease isn’t treated. Periodontitis involves gum infection and may lead to loosened teeth, bleeding, swollen and sore gums.

Rare Causes

If your gums bleed easily, but you don’t have gum disease or periodontitis, then you might have some conditions, such as lupus, thyroid disease, diabetes, and leukemia. These medical conditions could somehow result in bleeding gums.

Nutritional Deficiencies

Insufficient amount of some vitamins and minerals in the body can lead to bleeding gums. If you experience bleeding gums frequently, Dr. Nicholas will test your blood to know the levels of vitamins in your body. Eat lots of citrus fruits if you’re low in vitamin C. Or you may take supplements. Insufficient vitamin K can be alleviated by eating leafy green vegetables.


It’s a known fact that pregnancy can cause bleeding gums because of hormonal changes and some chemical reactions in the body which encourage gums to bleed. If it’s the case, bleeding goes away within two months after giving birth. Because it could be difficult to know the cause of your bleeding gums, you must visit your dentist for proper evaluation.


When you visit Dr. Nicholas S St. George, he will evaluate your bleeding gums and identify the cause. If it’s the result of improper brushing, he’ll recommend changing your regimen and choose the right toothbrush. On the other hand, if it’s a periodontal disease, you need to undergo a deep cleaning procedure, which requires a few visits. Antibiotic may also be taken to treat the infection if there’s any.

Surgery is another viable option, but it’s only done in rare cases when there’s extreme damage to the gum tissue and bone. However, if there’s no damage to your gums or Dr. Nicholas can’t find dental cause for your bleeding gums, he may refer you to a general practitioner to evaluate your condition even further.

How to Prevent It?

As mentioned earlier, you must only use a soft-bristle toothbrush. Hard bristles can only damage your gum tissues causing them to bleed. You must not forget to floss after brushing or do it twice a day. When you use a mouth rinse, ensure that it’s ADA-approved. Dr. Nicholas will recommend mouthwash, which is ideal for your case and if it’s necessary. If you smoke, you must stop now if you want to stop your gums from bleeding.

Then, increase your multivitamins intake to improve your immune function. Vitamins and minerals may help strengthen your gums. Don’t use blood-thinning drugs as they’re known to cause gums to bleed easily. However, don’t stop using them without first consulting your prescribing physician.

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