Why Do My Dentures Keep Falling Off?

Dentures must fit firmly on your gums. Sometimes, you may feel they are loose and keep falling off. It is rather typical and there are some things you could do to assist to maintain a comfortable fit.

Several Points that Could Trigger Denture to Fall Off

Improperly Built Denture

One of the main reasons dentures fall off is that the denture’s base could be badly made. If it’s not built correctly, the teeth won’t remain in location.

Bone resorption is one of the most common factors for loose-fitting dentures. In this process, the gums shrink. As a result, the gums can’t hold your teeth in position.

One method to avoid it is to use your jaw as much as possible. Eating solid foods ought to assist in maintaining your gum tissues strong and healthy.

A balanced diet is also vital in aiding to stop resorption. Thus, make sure to eat foods that are high in nutrition and avoid junk foods.

Incorrect Bonding

Dentures could be falling off because they are not firmly adhered in place. Low-cost bonding material or inappropriate bonding method could trigger teeth to loosen up. Defective bonding could be the problem.

Daily Wear

An additional cause of loosened dentures is wearing. Make sure that you carry out excellent denture care. For example, you need to take your dentures out when you sleep at night. Doing so will protect your gums and preserve the dentures.

It’s also necessary not to fix your dentures on your own. Never use glue that is not made for dental appliances. The glue could harm your denture. It is also poisonous if you put it in your mouth.

When your dentures keep falling off, it is best that you set up a visit with your prosthodontist. He can inspect the built of your denture to recognize the issue. Then, he’ll explain to you the best choices you have.

There are a variety of methods to know if your dentures are loose. You’ll notice that they slip and don’t fit comfortably. You’ll also observe a clicking sound when chatting. There’s also a minor pain. On top of that, there could be mouth sores or experience issues when you eat.

The best means to repair it is to arrange an appointment with your dentist. Home remedies won’t deal with the issues completely. Talk to your dentist about overdentures. They are more stable and safe because your false teeth are secured to your bone with oral implants. The removable dentures are kept with round socket like a clip.

If you’re tired of using oral adhesive, speak to your dentist. Dental implants could be the solution to your denture problem. These days, dental professionals provide their patients with modern options, like snaps for positioning and air valves for tightening up.

When you use dentures, it is vital that you visit your dentist at least twice a year. It is especially true if you are having issues with the fit. If your gums are receding excessively, you may need a new set of dentures. This dental condition is normal and could be prevented if you see your dentist regularly.

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