Why My Tooth Broke After A Root Canal?

Most people say “My Tooth broke after a Root Canal Downey” If your tooth cracked after a root canal, chances are you were experiencing a condition known as cracked tooth syndrome. As other teeth with fractures that are clearly notable, the fractures in cracked tooth syndrome are very tiny for your dentist to spot, even in dental x-rays. The crack may even be present under the gum line. Besides, teeth that have experienced root canal treatment are weaker than your other teeth, making them more inclined to crack.


The symptoms can come & go. You may get some pain or a feeling of pressure when you bite down, or when you chew specific foods. If left untreated, the tooth may finally become loose.

If you have a clear crack on your tooth, you will likely be able to feel or see the crack when looking in a mirror or pressing with your tongue. If you are able to see the crack, it is essential that you visit our dentist office in Downey, CA as soon as possible in order to prevent further damage and save the tooth.

Diagnosis in Downey, CA If Tooth Broke After a Root Canal

If your tooth broke after a root canal then syndrome can be hard to diagnose. At Nicholas S St George DDS, our team will perform a full examination of the tooth in question. Using a dental explorer, the dentist will carefully feel for cracks and irregularities, mostly around & below the gum line. They may also take additional dental x-rays. A special dye & fiber optic light can also be used to test for tiny cracks in order to better inspect the tooth.

In the case of a clear crack, we are able to analyze, or on your dental x-rays. These cracks are more easily diagnosed and treatment will be fairly straightforward.

Treatment for Tooth Broke after a Root Canal in Downey, CA

If the crack is clear, we will generally use a dental crown to restore the tooth. This will help to protect the tooth from other damage. If the crack is very extensive or severe, tooth extraction may be needed. If this happens, your tooth will be replaced using a dental bridge, partial denture, or dental implant in order to prevent any gum or bone loss from happening, also to protect the surrounding teeth.

If you believe your tooth broke after a Root Canal in Downey, CA, visit Nicholas S St George DDS or call at (562) 927-2602 for a free consultation today.

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